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The Basics Of Psychic Abilities


Most of the people that have the psychic abilities don’t even know they even do have them. The psychic abilities are so common than you may know. People around the world have reported the many cases of the psychic abilities. And this in not just common now even in the history the many cases of the psychic abilities have been reported. Some people believe that they have not only one but so many psychic abilities, other may think that they have but in the real sense, they don’t. The hard part is recognizing the psychic abilities, and it becomes more difficult when you don’t know the basics of the psychic abilities. The astrology can be used to best explain the psychic abilities of individuals. Continue reading to have an understanding of the basics of the psychic abilities.


Astral projection

human walking with globe When talking about the astral projection psychic ability it means that you have the ability to project your physical body to the conscious awareness of the outside world. Though what this means to so many people is the capacity to project out of the body and this is achieved commonly by meditation. The astral body means the physical body only the differences is that the physical body does not bind it. Astral body have the ability to move through anything solid from the walls.

Aura reading

The ability that the aura reader has is that they are capable of perceiving the colors that are commonly referred as the auras. Though it’s believed that each person has they own aura, it’s just that most of them have not recognized it. The aura will represent the glow that will surround the life of a person, and this will take place when someone has the spirituality and the inner peace, and this will be the one which will determine if the aura will shine brighter or dimmer. Also, the good thing about the aura is that with the color it’s so possible to tell the character of a person.


man offering hands illustration When talking about the most known psychic abilities then that will be the clairaudience. The clairaudience will manifest its self in a person when they have the potential to hear literal sounds. What this means is that the person will be able to hear voices of the spirit and not just that even noise of the inanimate objects like the crystals. The only thing that you have to know about this ability it’s that sounds are involved so for you to recognize this you have to take it to a place where there are no sounds at all.