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The Key Advantages of Employment Background Checks


Considering all of today’s technological advances, pre-employment background checks have become a very important tool for hiring employees. Did you know that about forty percent of background checks find at least a single discrepancy in applicants’ resumes? If you want to know more about the importance of background checks in employment, read more here.

Prevents and Mitigates Workplace Violence

 punchA study by the US Department of Justice indicates that over 1.7 million workdays are lost yearly due to workplace violence. This translates to over $50 million in lost wages each year, not including other costs such as legal fees, lost productivity, personality image issues, etc. All employers are bound morally and legally to give employees a safe work environment.

For this reason, it is important to know in advance if a potential employee has a criminal record and continues to have acute problems such as reckless behavior, substance abuse, theft, violent behavior, or dishonesty.

Protects Employers From Negligent Hiring and Retention Liability

Background screening tools accessible online allow companies to take a look at the education, licensing, criminal history, and previous employment of their potential employees. These valuable screening tools can provide documentation and uncover potential inconsistencies and problems in someone’s program. Having access to this type of information will protect employers from potential liability claims. Since employers have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure a protected work environment for many employees, employers also must know if a job applicant is or has been involved in criminal or dishonest activity. Therefore, the perfect tool to help companies ensure that a potential employee is worth hiring is a background check.

Reduces the Losses Linked to Employee Dishonesty

Each company typically loses more than 5 percent of annual profits due to employee fraud and dishonesty. Additionally, one in five fraud cases results in losses of more than $1 million, and smaller companies often suffer more from employment fraud. Background checks are an extremely effective way to prevent employee dishonesty. By analyzing a potential employee’s past problems related to substance abuse, violence, theft, etc., employers can prevent future liability.

Helps Companies Hire the Best People for the Job

employeePre-hire background checks help companies hire employees who will stay with the company longer. Selecting someone great for the job is important and valuable in the long run. The information provided by high-level background checks allows companies to create a competent team and also reduces the likelihood of hiring problematic men and women. It is important to mention that bad hires can be exceptionally costly.

In conclusion, pre-employment background checks are crucial for various institutions as they help companies hire suitable candidates, reduce losses related to fraud and dishonesty, improve the quality of employees, create a safe work environment and also avoid lawsuits for negligent hiring.