Best E-liquid Brands


penBefore we even begin, it is important that you realize that there are plenty of quality e-liquid brands that are all over the market. This makes it almost impossible for one to mark out the best e-juice from those that are available in the market. The choice is even harder to make due to the influx of foreign e-liquids making the availability of them even more diverse.

But due to the extensive research that we have carried out, we have developed a better idea on the brands that are taking the appropriate measures and steps to produce the best e-liquid.
In this article, we are going to focus on giving you the best e-liquid brands and the characteristics that make them stand out from their peers. These brands offer what many consider as the best quality e-cig juice. They are not only best in production but also in the quality of vapor that they offer.

The brands highlighted below can be defined as the best e-liquid brands that are currently available in the market. They include:

Halo Vapor e-liquids

This is one of the outstanding e-liquid brands that is currently a top seller in the market. It is a great choice and highly recommended for both new and experienced vapors. It is not only famous for its high vapor production, but the vapor also offers great flavor. This particular e-juice is produced in a state of the art facility using the latest production technology. The major ingredient that is used in its production is grade 1 nicotine which ensures a high-quality flavor production. The juice is also tested in an independent government laboratory ensuring that it is free from any harmful substances.

This brand offers its consumers a variety of more than 20 flavors to choose from. This ensures that the demands of all vapors are satisfied.

V2 platinum e liquid

vapeThis one is also produced under extremely high standards. One of the standout features of the Platinum range of brands is the flavors that they provide. It offers a range of options when it comes to flavors, some of them include chocolate, grape, vanilla, coffee and even cherry.

One other factor that makes it a favorite among vapors is that its manufacturers are very transparent with the ingredients of their juice. Not only are these e-liquids tested regularly but each bottle has a batch number that enables you to make online ingredient check. On keying in this batch No, you will receive a pdf that has the components and ingredients of the e-liquid.

Platinum and premium e-juice

These two brands offer vape lovers a variety of options for one to choose from. The classic range gives one a tried and tested flavor while the platinum range mainly focuses on the latest and unique brands.

All the above e-juices are great for new vapors and they are also suitable and compatible with a majority of the clearomizers.